Teaser Tuesday!

Today’s teaser is from Interconnected Hearts, Krista and Scott’s book that picks up after the end of Disconnected. This scene is subject to be deleted or edited later!

I grin over at him and walk towards our large oak rectangle table. When we went shopping for furniture for our home and came across this table, I had to have it because it reminded me of my family table back home that even though it was just Mama, Daddy, and me, there was always family or friends filling up the chairs at dinner. But right now, our table looks very lonely with just the two of us to occupy it.

“What are you thinking about?” Scott whispers by my ear as he pulls the chair in front of me out so I can be safely tucked in by him.

Shaking my head I smile up at him, “Just that I think we need to find some more friends to have dinner parties with. This table hasn’t gotten a good work out yet.” 

He laughs and gets into his seat beside me, “I don’t know, Ms. Fan Girl, do you think you could handle some more of my actor buddies being in our house with out freaking out?” He asks with a quirked eyebrow.

I stick my tongue out at him as I twirl my spaghetti on my fork, “I didn’t freak out at the premiere did I?”

He gives me a look over his glass as he takes a drink of wine, “You didn’t freak out? You and Katy nearly busted mine and Liam’s eardrums squealing when you were just a few feet away from Jake Vincent! You didn’t even talk to the man.”

I sigh and roll my eyes grabbing my own glass of wine, “We really need to get you some real people friends.”


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