A Very Connected Christmas!

Here is a little Liam, Katy, and baby Will, Christmas story for you 🙂

I’ve always been a bit of a Christmas nut, and this year I’m even more so, because this is my baby boy’s first Christmas.

Liam and I decided to stay in L.A this year, much to our parent’s protests. We just wanted to be able to celebrate Will’s first Christmas with just our little family, and our little family includes both of our best friends, Krista and Scott. From what I hear, their parents weren’t too hot on them not coming home either. 

“Alright babe, where do you want this?” Liam asks raising an eyebrow at the elaborate looking stocking I had made for Will. Its hand knit with his name stitched all the way down and has a little Santa and Frosty sewn on and maybe hand painted glittery snowflakes. Ok, I admit it might be a bit much when he’s still just a baby and doesn’t really understand the whole stocking concept yet, but I just had to get it when one of the other moms in our neighborhood, who just so happens to be a famous actress that I’m no longer allowed to freak out about being in the presence of, told me about this lady that she has all her children’s stockings and sometimes sweaters and scarves made by and showed me her work. Will deserves to be in the ranks of those kids, and he will be if I can help it.

“Over on the mantle by the tree.” I point and smile over at him as I pick Will up out of his high chair. “You’re going to have such a great first Christmas baby boy.” I coo at him and kiss his forehead. “Daddy is going to make everything in here perfect.” 

 Will waves his arms in response and I laugh carrying him over to gaze at our tree, the one downside of having Christmas here and not back home in Nevada is not having a real tree to chop down. We got the second best though, while the tree is fake, its as authentic looking as they come, and it nearly touches the ceiling. 

Liam sighs shaking his head after he gets the stocking hung and steps back to where Will and I are standing, “Don’t you think this is a little much, Katy? I mean, he’s 6 months old, he’s not going to remember any of this.” He motions his hands around at the decorations that are set up all over the living room. 

I give him a look before putting Will in his arms. “No, it’s his first Christmas; you’re supposed to go over the top for all their firsts.” 

He shakes his head with a small grin, “If you say so, babe. Come on Will; let’s leave Mama to make your day special…when are Scott and Krista supposed to be coming?”

I look over at the clock on the wall, “About an hour. Oh, did you call and tell your parents Merry Christmas?” I ask as I walk over to adjust the tinsel wrapped around our tree.

“Yes, and yours,” He smiles that movie star megawatt smile. “See, I’m a step ahead of you.” He laughs switching Will to his other arm.

“M-hm…And did you call Mitchell?”

He rolls his eyes and lets out a sigh, “Why do I need to call that man again?”

“Because he’s your boss, Liam, it’s nice to call your boss on holidays.”

“Fine, I’ll call him next, anything else on your honey-do list?” 

I smile and shake my head, “No. Now, go on and put all Will’s new toys together.”

Shaking his head Liam bounces Will in his arms, “I think Santa needs to make his elves put all those contraptions together” He grumbles as he turns and walks towards the nursery.

“The elves had other things to take of….like making dinner!” I yell at his retreating back and make my way into the kitchen to check on our ham that’s currently baking in the oven. 

“Alright….I think this will be done right about the time Krista and Scott get here,” I mumble, closing the oven door and walking around to the counter to double check the now cooling mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, and various pies. “All of this should fill up the guys’ bellies anyways.”

“I heard that!” Liam says with a frown as he walks in to the kitchen with a fussing Will wiggling in his arms.

I frown taking Will and gently swaying with him, “You couldn’t figure out the toys, could you?”

Liam runs a hand through his ever unruly dark blonde hair before casting his eyes down. “I was trying to put together that walker thing…but I couldn’t get one thing to click into another and Will wanted to help me…and I think I need a screwdriver or hammer or something to make half of those things fit together like in the picture. Are you sure I can’t just call someone to put it all together for us? You know it’s perfectly acceptable to use those handy little celebrity perks in times like these.” He says with a lopsided grin that would probably make any other girl melt into a pile of goo.

I laugh shaking my head before stepping past him and towards Will’s nursery, “It can’t be that hard. Here, you boys go play in the living room.” I turn to hand Will off to Liam when we hear the door bell ring.

“Hmm…Uncle Scotty and Aunt Krissy must be early.” Liam says taking Will and walking towards the front door. 

I sigh looking around at the mess of toy parts at my feet before walking out and closing the door behind me. Before I get very far, I hear loud laughing and feet shuffling from our living room and I frown making my way in there.

“Katelyn!” My mom greets me with a big hug and my eyes widen.

“Mom! Hi, what are you….what are all of you doing here?” I ask taking in the rest of our guests. My dad, and older brother, Derek, as well as Liam’s parents and younger brother, Braden, are standing all around fussing over Will.

“Well Stella and I talked and we just couldn’t possibly be away from our grandbaby on his first Christmas! It’s a grandparent’s right to spoil them with gifts and sweets, you know.”

“Oh boy…right, Mom. Can we skip the sweets part though? He only has like 2 teeth!

She just smiles and pats my arm before crossing the room to snatch Will out of Braden’s arms.

“I guess we get a houseful anyways, huh?” Liam says coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my middle.

I sigh and rest my arms over his, “Yep…how am I going to feed everyone though? Braden and Derek eat as much as you and Scott!”

He laughs squeezing me to him, “Dad told me that between both of our moms that they baked a bunch of goodies and brought them along. Apparently both the grandmas were suffering from baby withdrawals.”

I smile, turning around to face him and point up, “Hey movie star, what’s that?”

Tilting his head up he grins and pulls me tightly against him. “Well, Mrs. Warren, I do believe that is mistletoe.”


He leans down to kiss me and I oblige standing on my tiptoes to kiss him back. 

“Merry Christmas, baby,” He whispers leaning his forehead against mine.

I reach my hand up and rest my palm on his cheek, “Merry Christmas, Liam.” 




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