Meet The Characters!



Liam Warren (Garret Hedlund is kind of how I picture Liam, no copyright infringement intended in using his image)

Liam Warren is Hollywood’s IT guy. He’s a former theatre actor who was discovered by Mitchell Fallon of Excite Entertainment and became the man every woman in the world wants.

He is best friends with fellow actor, Scott Adams, and the estranged husband of Kate.


Kate Parker AKA Katy Warren (Melissa Benoist is how I picture Kate, no copyright infringement intended in using her image)

Katy is a psychology student working towards her degree while living in the campus dorms with her best friend, Krista Quinn. She also happens to be the long lost wife of Liam Warren.

Kate grew up in Nevada and was Liam’s high school sweet heart, they eloped to Vegas just after graduation and thought that their lives were great, until Liam was discovered and L.A became home.

Kate left Liam and for 4 years was Kate Parker again, Liam coming into her tiny town Georgia get away forces her to face him again.

Exclusive. Hellcats Star Aly Michalka on The PIX Morning Show - New York

Krista Quinn  (Alyson Michalka is how I picture Krista, no copyright infringement intended in using her image)

Krista Quinn is Kate’s college room mate and best friend. She’s sweet and bubbly but will go to great lengths to protect those she loves. She catches the eye of Scott Adams and so begins her whirlwind romance with one of the actors that she’s been a fangirl of.


Scott Adams (Tom Welling is how I picture Scott, no copyright infringement intended for using his image)

Scott Adams is Liam’s best friend and another actor with Excite Entertainment. Liam and Scott have an L.A mansion bachelor pad together and frequent private parties set up by Excite.

At least until Krista Quinn gets under his skin and makes him want to be someone better than a party boy.


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